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December 31st, 2019

We worked our way through the jungles of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Texas on our way to spend New Year in the tourist trap of Galveston.


Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton is one of the northern parts of the 11-county country-sized metroplex known as Dallas-Fort Worth, and is home to a chaotic junction of several lines.

On a quiet New Years Eve, most of the activity at the junction in Carrollton was static, but there were regular twin articulated commuters passing over top.

2019-12-31.8010.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8011.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8012.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8013.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8014.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8015.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8016.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8017.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8018.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8019.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8020.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8021.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8022.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8023.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8024.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8025.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8026.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8027.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8028.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8029.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8030.Carrollton-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8031.Carrollton-TX.jpg


Wilmer, Texas

On the southern end of the Dalls-Fort Worth metroplex is Wilmer, with a significant UP intermodal yard using contract switchers.

2019-12-31.8032.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8033.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8034.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8035.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8036.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8037.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8038.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8039.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8040.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8041.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8042.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8043.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8044.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8045.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8046.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8047.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8048.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8049.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8050.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8051.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8052.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8053.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8054.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8055.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8056.Wilmer-TX.jpg 2019-12-31.8057.Wilmer-TX.jpg