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December 31st, 2006

With 2006's dying hours at hand, we returned home from Altoona stopping to see what we could find on the way, culminating in a stop just outside of CSX's southernmost Buffalo yard at Lake Avenue, where a CSX security officer gave us a CSX 2007 calendar and wished us a happy new year. Happy new year indeed!


Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

(map) Better known for its annual ground hog day celebrations, Buffalo and Pittsburg's inaccessible Riker Yard is found just outside of this town.

2006-12-31.9000.Punxsutawney.jpg 2006-12-31.9001.Punxsutawney.jpg 2006-12-31.9002.Punxsutawney.jpg 2006-12-31.9003.Punxsutawney.jpg 2006-12-31.9004.Punxsutawney.jpg 2006-12-31.9005.Punxsutawney.jpg


Dubois, Pennsylvania

(map) Dubois is a large yard on the GNWR-owned Buffalo and Pittsburg.

2006-12-31.9006.Dubois.jpg 2006-12-31.9007.Dubois.jpg 2006-12-31.9008.Dubois.jpg 2006-12-31.9009.Dubois.jpg 2006-12-31.9010.Dubois.jpg 2006-12-31.9011.Dubois.jpg


Clearfield, Pennsylvania

(map) Clearfield is the home of the RJ Corman Pennsylvania operation. They have a small yard and a large enginehouse hiding the power.

2006-12-31.9012.Clearfield.jpg 2006-12-31.9013.Clearfield.jpg 2006-12-31.9014.Clearfield.jpg 2006-12-31.9015.Clearfield.jpg


Salamanca, New York

(map) Salamanca hosts a small yard on the Buffalo and Pittsburg (GNWR), and is an apparently-disused interchange point with the Western New York and Pennsylvania.

2006-12-31.9016.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9017.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9018.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9019.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9020.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9021.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9022.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9023.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9024.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9025.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9026.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9027.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9028.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9029.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9030.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9031.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9032.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9033.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9034.Salamanca.jpg 2006-12-31.9035.Salamanca.jpg


Lackawanna, New York

(map) Lackawanna is immediately south of Buffalo and hosts Buffalo and Pittsburgh, Buffalo Southern, NS, and CSX tracks.

CSXT #Q380 pulls into Buffalo.

2006-12-31.9037.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9038.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9039.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9040.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9041.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9042.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9043.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9044.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9045.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9046.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9047.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9048.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9049.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9050.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9051.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9052.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9053.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9054.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9055.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9056.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9057.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9058.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9059.Lackawanna.jpg

CSXT #Q108 arrives with CSXT 4835 trailing.

2006-12-31.9061.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9062.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9063.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9064.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9065.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9066.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9067.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9068.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9069.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9070.Lackawanna.jpg 2006-12-31.9071.Lackawanna.jpg