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July 4th, 2006

With detours going every which way since Friday, my car decided that it preferred to spend the weekend in the shop. Just my luck, both my scanners were stolen out of my locked car some time over the weekend, complete with the antenna and power cable. It really shakes my faith in humanity. Steve came and got me in the evening, and we went to get a detour train CN #F329 at Aldershot, then got an unknown, but probably detour train heading down the Hamilton sub at Guelph Junction.


Aldershot, Ontario

(map) This is the region between the (abandonned) Burlington West train station and Bayview Junction.

CN #F329 passes a westbound Via train on its way through Aldershot.

2006-07-04.2460.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2461.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2462.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2463.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2464.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2465.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2466.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2467.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2468.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2469.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2470.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2471.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2472.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2473.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2474.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2475.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2476.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2477.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2478.Aldershot.jpg 2006-07-04.2479.Aldershot.jpg


Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

Another detour train with CP power heads down the Hamilton sub.

2006-07-04.2481.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2482.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2483.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2484.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2485.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2486.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2487.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2488.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2489.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2490.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2491.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2492.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2493.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2494.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2495.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2496.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2497.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2498.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2499.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2500.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2501.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2502.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2503.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2504.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2505.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2506.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2507.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2508.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2509.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2510.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2511.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2512.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2513.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2514.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2515.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2516.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2517.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2518.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2519.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2520.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2521.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2522.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2523.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2524.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2525.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2526.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2527.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2528.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2529.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2530.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2006-07-04.2531.Guelph_Junction.jpg