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June 23rd, 2006

We went to mile 30 for CN #392 and found a bit of a mess on the Halton. CN #147 reported a tie on fire at Speyside. CN #435 stopped to put it out. CN #382 pulled into the hole at Mansewood for #147. CN #147's lone engine died. CN #392's crew ran out of time at Aldershot and a new crew came on and lifted a unit set off by Via after #70 died yesterday at Brantford. CN #382's crew filed a rest message. CN #435 pulled up to mile 30 to wait for CN #382 to donate a unit to CN #147 without blocking crossings at Speyside. CN #275 pulled up to Georgetown to wait for the mess to be cleared. CN #382 and CN #435 took a rule 567 so #382 could enter #435's block and give #147 its trailing unit, which was an IC and not qualified to lead in Canada. CN #382 took so many rule 564, 566, and 567 authorities, the conductor's pen ran out of ink and he warned the RTC that he would need to start using French forms soon. CN #147 left with CN #382's trailing unit trailing with its dead leader acting as a cab car. CN #435 finally passed us, followed by CN #382, #275, #383, and #392. CN #275 and #383 both reported the tie fire at Speyside. All this because WC 6903 was out of water.


Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #435 comes to a stop at signal 301 Halton sub.

2006-06-23.1819.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1820.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1821.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1822.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #435 starts to move after an hour anf a half break imposed by a breakdown at Milbase.

2006-06-23.1823.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1824.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1825.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1826.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1827.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1828.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1829.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1830.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1831.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1832.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1833.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1834.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1835.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1836.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1837.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1838.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1839.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #382 heads up the hill with one unit and 29 empties.

2006-06-23.1840.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1841.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1842.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1843.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1844.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1845.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1846.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #275 heads down the hill.

2006-06-23.1847.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1848.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1849.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1850.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1851.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1852.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1853.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1854.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1855.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #383 brings a WC SD45 away from Toronto.

2006-06-23.1856.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1857.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1858.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1859.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1860.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1861.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1862.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1863.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1864.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1865.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1866.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1867.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1868.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1869.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1870.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1871.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1872.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1873.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1874.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1875.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1876.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1877.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1878.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #392 with HLCX 6413 climbs the escarpment.

2006-06-23.1880.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1881.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1882.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1883.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1884.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1885.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1886.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1887.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1888.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1889.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1890.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1891.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1892.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1893.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1894.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1895.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1896.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1897.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1898.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1899.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1900.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1901.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1902.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1903.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1904.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1905.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-06-23.1906.Scotch_Block.jpg