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May 15th, 2006

I shot CN #114 with a BCOL SD40-2 trailing on the York sub from the approach to Buttonville, and got GEXR #431 from final at Guelph.


Aerial Photography

These pictures and videos are taken by plane in no specific places.

2006-05-15.0420.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0421.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0422.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0423.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0424.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0425.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0426.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0427.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0428.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0429.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0430.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0431.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0432.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0433.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0434.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0435.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0436.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0437.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0438.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0439.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0440.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0441.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0442.Aerial_Shots.jpg 2006-05-15.0443.Aerial_Shots.jpg


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

GEXR #431 heads through Mosborough.

2006-05-15.0444.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0445.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0446.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0447.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0448.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0449.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0450.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0451.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0452.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0453.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0454.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0455.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0456.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0457.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0458.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0459.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0460.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0461.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0462.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0463.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0464.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0465.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0466.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0467.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0468.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0469.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0470.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0471.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0472.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0473.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0474.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0475.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0476.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0477.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0478.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0479.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0480.Guelph.jpg 2006-05-15.0481.Guelph.jpg