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March 17th, 2006

We got in the car to go find a friend at the tracks in Guelph and immediately heard a westbound clearance on the Galt sub. We got to a crossing in Puslinch just on time to set up for and wait for CP #243 with CEFX 1053 leading, followed by an SD40-2, a couple of tank cars, and B23-7 TCB 202. We got moving quickly and shot it again a few miles west, before going back to Guelph and watching GEXR #432 pass by Via station.


Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

CP #243 crosses 48.04 Galt sub with a TCB B23-7 a few cars in.

2006-03-17.6514.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6515.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6516.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6517.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6518.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6519.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6520.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6521.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6522.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6523.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6524.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6525.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6526.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6527.Puslinch.jpg 2006-03-17.6528.Puslinch.jpg


Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

CP #243 crosses Gore Road with a TCB B23-7 a few cars in.

2006-03-17.6529.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6530.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6531.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6532.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6533.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6534.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6535.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6536.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6537.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6538.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6539.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6540.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6541.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6542.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6543.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6544.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6545.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6546.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6547.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6548.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6549.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6550.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6551.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6552.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6553.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6554.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6555.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6556.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6557.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6558.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6559.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6560.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6561.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6562.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6563.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6564.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6565.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6566.Killean.jpg 2006-03-17.6567.Killean.jpg


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

GEXR #432 comes through Guelph station with 4 units and around a hundred cars.

2006-03-17.6568.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6569.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6570.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6571.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6572.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6573.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6574.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6575.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6576.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6577.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6578.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6579.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6580.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6581.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6582.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6583.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6584.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6585.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6586.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6587.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6588.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6589.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6590.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6591.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6592.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6593.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6594.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6595.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6596.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6597.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6598.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6599.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6600.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6601.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6602.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6603.Guelph.jpg 2006-03-17.6604.Guelph.jpg