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February 28th, 2006

Mike called to say CN #393 had an NS leader with UP and NS units following, through Brampton at about 12:30. Westbound foreign leaders are fairly rare on the CN through here though eastbounds have BNSF leaders just about every day so this qualified as, well, HOT. I headed down to Paris Junction at 14:30 where I expected the train to arrive at 14:35 based on passed experience and got there just after a train had passed. An hour later with no sign of westbounds I was convinced I had missed it, but there it was at 15:55! Sure was pretty, shame the sun didn't come out to see it.


Paris, Ontario

(map) Paris is just West of Brantford on the CN Dundas sub and was once the site of the junction between the Dundas sub and the completely defunct Drumbo sub that connected Paris and Stratford. There's also a large trestle in Paris.

2006-02-28.5773.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5774.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5775.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5776.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5777.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5778.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5779.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5780.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5781.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5782.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5783.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5784.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5785.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5786.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5787.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5788.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5789.Paris.jpg

CN #148 passes through Paris with an FURX unit between two CNs.

2006-02-28.5790.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5791.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5793.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5794.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5795.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5796.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5797.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5798.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5799.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5800.Paris.jpg

CN #393 passes through Paris with NS 9811 leading followed by two more foreign units and no domestic power. (Warning: super-huge video!)

2006-02-28.5801.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5802.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5803.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5804.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5805.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5806.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5807.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5808.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5809.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5810.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5811.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5812.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5813.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5814.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5815.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5816.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5817.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5818.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5819.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5820.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5821.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5822.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5823.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5824.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5825.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5826.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5827.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5828.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5829.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5830.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5831.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5832.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5833.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5834.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5835.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5836.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5837.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5838.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5839.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5840.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5841.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5842.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5843.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5844.Paris.jpg 2006-02-28.5845.Paris.jpg