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December 30th, 2005

We slept in Schenectady, New York on our way home, hoping to wake up to find some Deleware and Hudson (CP) trains in the area. We did find one, parked inaccessibly in the distance. We found the overpass of the CSX and the D&H trackage at South Schenectady, shooting one manifest freight at a nearby grade crossing on the CSX. We then proceeded along our main goal of getting home, stopping at Utica to see (kind of) the NYSW and at Geneva to see the Finger Lakes Railway before stopping at Lyons to see some CSX trains before hitting the road as bad weather rolled in. On our way to Geneva, we passed a Finger Lakes train going the other way through Woodstock, New York, and pursued it West to nearby Seneca Falls. Its EOT sounds different from most and broadcasts on 160.205, so we didn't recognise it until we saw the train pass. CSX, for its part, mostly gave us intermodal trains with big GEs for power, reminding me somewhat eerily of CP! This concluded are 2 week travelling adventure ostensibly to see family for the holidays.


Schenectady, New York

(map) Schenectady is adjacent to New York State capital Albany and is crawling with train tracks owned by the D&H (CP), CSX, and Springfield Terminal (Guilford) -- and people.

A CSX mixed freight with only rental power sounds a sad sounding horn over the D&H tracks at South Schenectady.

2005-12-30.1152.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1153.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1154.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1155.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1156.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1157.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1158.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1159.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1160.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1161.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1162.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1163.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1164.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1165.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1166.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1167.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1168.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1169.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1170.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1171.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1172.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1173.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1174.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1175.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1176.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1177.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1178.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1179.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1180.Schenectady.jpg 2005-12-30.1181.Schenectady.jpg


Utica, New York

(map) Utica is the home of the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway shops, a scenic railway, the CSX, and at least one more shortline operator, situated about an hour West of Albany.

2005-12-30.1182.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1183.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1184.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1185.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1186.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1187.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1188.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1189.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1190.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1191.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1192.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1193.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1194.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1195.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1196.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1197.Utica.jpg

A CSX intermodal train runs through the Amtrak station at Utica.

2005-12-30.1198.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1199.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1200.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1201.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1202.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1203.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1204.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1205.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1206.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1207.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1208.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1209.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1210.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1211.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1212.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1213.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1214.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1215.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1216.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1217.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1218.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1219.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1220.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1221.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1222.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1223.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1224.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1225.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1226.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1227.Utica.jpg 2005-12-30.1228.Utica.jpg


Seneca Falls, New York

(map) Seneca Falls is between Geneva and Syracuse, New York on the Finger Lakes Railway.

A Finger Lakes Railway train heads East through the country toward Syracuse.

2005-12-30.1229.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1230.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1231.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1232.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1233.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1234.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1235.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1236.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1237.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1238.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1239.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1240.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1241.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1242.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1243.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1244.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1245.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1246.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1247.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1248.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1249.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1250.Seneca_Falls.jpg 2005-12-30.1251.Seneca_Falls.jpg


Lyons, New York

(map) Lyons is a few miles South of Geneva, New York, linked by an NS track from the town's ex-Conrail CSX main line to the Finger Lakes Railway.

2005-12-30.1252.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1253.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1254.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1255.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1256.Lyons.jpg

2 big GEs lead a CSX intermodal through the yard at Lyons.

2005-12-30.1257.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1258.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1259.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1260.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1261.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1262.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1263.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1264.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1265.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1266.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1267.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1268.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1269.Lyons.jpg

An Amtrak train heads East through Lyons.

2005-12-30.1270.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1271.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1272.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1273.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1274.Lyons.jpg

Another CSX intermodal heads West.

2005-12-30.1275.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1276.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1277.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1278.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1279.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1280.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1281.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1282.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1283.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1284.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1285.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1286.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1287.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1288.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1289.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1290.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1291.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1292.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1293.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1294.Lyons.jpg 2005-12-30.1295.Lyons.jpg