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This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

ADM Transportation Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
ADMX 111 Guelph_Junction_01.04.05_2675.jpg Tank car
ADMX 121 North_East_24.06.06_2195.jpg Tank car
ADMX 7000 Puslinch_05.11.05_4219.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 7012 Milton_27.07.03_4104.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 7112 London_20.05.06_0706.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 7118 Guelph_Junction_03.01.05_5414.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 7200 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4856.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 7226 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3321.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 8003 Belleville_04.06.06_1302.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 15007Multiple photosTank car
ADMX 15581 Flamborough_14.07.05_8742.jpg Tank car
ADMX 15583 Cambridge_30.10.05_3371.jpg Tank car
ADMX 15632Multiple photosTank car (blurry)
ADMX 16179 Angola_07.01.06_1581.jpg Tank car
ADMX 16926 Guelph_Junction_03.03.04_7838.jpg Tank car
ADMX 19143 Henrietta_30.06.08_2648.jpg Tank car
ADMX 19497 Henrietta_30.06.08_2649.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25109Multiple photosTank car
ADMX 25231 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_1037.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25301 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3572.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25325 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7212.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25354 Coteau_29.12.04_5017.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25397 Scotch_Block_09.04.06_7945.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25409 Guelph_Junction_19.03.04_8653.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25438 Guelph_Junction_13.04.03_1332.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25571 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7248.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25598Multiple photosTank car
ADMX 25803 Georgetown_15.12.06_7167.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25866 Bernardston_08.09.05_0575.jpg Tank car
ADMX 25911 Scotch_Block_27.08.06_3449.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26036 Puslinch_19.11.05_5395.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26039 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3467.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26084 Paris_28.05.07_4256.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26110 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7067.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26135 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4854.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26195 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6613.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26220 Cambridge_30.06.06_2425.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26277 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6614.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26383 Killean_17.06.06_1596.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26419Multiple photosTank car (partial)
ADMX 26471 Guelph_Junction_06.10.05_1631.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26501 Guelph_Junction_18.09.04_8907.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26513 Ingersoll_09.09.04_8023.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26535 Paris_04.12.05_1333.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26536 Paris_04.12.05_1318.jpg Tank car
ADMX 26545 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3323.jpg Tank car
ADMX 28613 Mansewood_22.11.06_6270.jpg Tank car
ADMX 29068 Georgetown_09.06.07_4831.jpg Tank car
ADMX 29081 Stanwix_21.12.07_8958.jpg Tank car
ADMX 29269 Stanwix_21.12.07_8956.jpg Tank car
ADMX 29596 Stanwix_21.12.07_8955.jpg Tank car
ADMX 29772 Lackawanna_31.12.06_9057.jpg Tank car
ADMX 30138 Stanwix_21.12.07_8957.jpg Tank car
ADMX 30273 South_Fork_30.12.06_8777.jpg Tank car
ADMX 30531 South_Fork_30.12.06_8776.jpg Tank car
ADMX 31120 Stanwix_21.12.07_8959.jpg Tank car
ADMX 31127 Stanwix_21.12.07_8960.jpg Tank car
ADMX 49171 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4083.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 49199Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 50041 Guelph_Junction_27.01.05_0227.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50045 Guelph_Junction_27.01.05_0228.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50078 Guelph_Junction_28.10.04_1733.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50097Multiple photosCovered hopper (partial)
ADMX 50104 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2690.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50126Multiple photosCovered hopper (DUP)
ADMX 50127 Bayview_Junction_07.10.06_5206.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50129Multiple photosCovered hopper (DUP)
ADMX 50165Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 50180 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2689.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 50182Multiple photosCovered hopper (partial)
ADMX 51030 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_1063.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51056 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_1035.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51059 Guelph_Junction_25.05.05_6103.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51083 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_0936.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51101 Guelph_Junction_20.08.03_4521.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51123 Guelph_Junction_20.08.03_4501.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51144 Milton_02.05.03_1788.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51171 Guelph_Junction_25.05.05_6094.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51172 Guelph_Junction_25.05.05_6095.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51179 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2689.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51183Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 51212 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_1076.jpg Covered hopper (blurry)
ADMX 51224Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 51272 Guelph_Junction_07.05.04_1662.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 51349Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 52092 Paris_24.11.06_6783.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 52293Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 52336 Guelph_Junction_26.04.04_0719.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 52703 Brattleboro_28.12.05_1034.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 52709Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 56040 Guelph_Junction_11.05.09_6694.jpg Tank car
ADMX 60040 Puslinch_10.02.07_0134.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 63019Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 63336 Brantford_14.05.06_0374.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 63480 Killean_02.01.07_9090.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 80108 Scotch_Block_30.03.05_2336.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 80154 Guelph_Junction_17.06.06_1645.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 80189 Coteau_17.12.05_2083.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 80210 London_20.05.06_0705.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 82022 Puslinch_27.06.05_7755.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85007Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 85012 Brockville_19.05.12_2601.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85043 Scotch_Block_28.02.04_7430.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85048 Guelph_Junction_13.04.03_1333.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85058Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 85078Multiple photosCovered hopper
ADMX 85115 Guelph_Junction_26.04.03_1584.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85116 Guelph_Junction_26.05.07_3950.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85119 Newtonville_03.05.03_1942.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85155 Chester_14.02.09_5463.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 85183 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6839.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 90004 Scotch_Block_29.03.08_1009.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 90093 Scotch_Block_30.08.04_7822.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 90111 Scotch_Block_30.03.05_2340.jpg Covered hopper
ADMX 636193 Guelph_16.12.06_7407.jpg Covered hopper