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Top photos from August 30th, 2007

CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7702.jpg 112 Harrington_30.08.07_7733.jpg 60 Linkwood_30.08.07_7714.jpg 56 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7735.jpg 55 Harrington_30.08.07_7734.jpg 49 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7738.jpg 39 Harrington_30.08.07_7727.jpg 34 Harrington_30.08.07_7726.jpg 33 Linkwood_30.08.07_7715.jpg 30 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7740.jpg 29

August 30th, 2007

We stayed in Easton, Maryland after a late-night drive to the Maryland-Delaware penninsula, and headed directly for Federalsburg, Maryland for the Maryland and Delaware. We found the company's shops and office in short order, and a pleasant company employee when asked told us that the train was on its way to Cambridge, Maryland, and would be going across the entire network to the interchange with NS at Seaford, Delaware, before returning to Hurlock Junction. Acting on this information, we went directly to Cambridge where we found that the railway's self-touted tracks to the harbour in the city were abandoned and removed. Slightly frustrated, we started heading out of town, and went up a road toward a large grade crossing. As we approached, the crossing activated and we set ourselves up waiting for the Maryland and Delaware train with its small set of cars and rare CF7 locomotive to finish its work and head back east. After a long wait, it came back out and we chased it briefly, finding it too slow to chase and still get anywhere else in one day. From there we headed into Delaware to the interchange at Seaford hoping to find something - anything - there, but quickly decided heading north to the Norfolk Southern yard at Harrington would be a better bet. Sure enough, as we pulled into town we found ourselves pacing a covered hopper unit train of some description. Hoping to get ahead of it, we pulled off at a road where we found two locomotives sitting on the main. We looked around for a way to shoot the train but weren't able to find an angle. Hoping the train would proceed northward, we headed north a few miles until we found a good shot and began to wait. It quickly became obvious that the train wouldn't be coming so we returned to Harrington and found the train, complete with the two units that had been sitting on the main, sitting there talking to the Diesel Doc. We went into town, shot the yard power, returned to the head end of the train and shot what we could of it, then headed north for New Jersey. We crossed just south of Wilmington and quickly found a yard in Penns Grove with two NS trains in it. We shot them as best we could then took off northbound hoping to make it to Connecticut before it got too late.

Cambridge, Maryland

Cambridge is on the west coast of the Maryland-Delaware penninsula and is the end of the Maryland and Delaware shortline's operations.

CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7683.jpg 19

A Maryland and Delaware CF7 works at the end of the line in Cambridge, Maryland.

CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7684.jpg 6 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7685.jpg 6 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7686.jpg 5 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7687.jpg 5 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7688.jpg 6 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7689.jpg 8 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7690.jpg 8 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7691.jpg 28 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7692.jpg 26 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7693.jpg 7 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7694.jpg 6 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7695.jpg 15 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7696.jpg 7 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7697.jpg 13 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7698.jpg 7 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7699.jpg 9 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7700.jpg 11 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7701.jpg 15 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7702.jpg 112 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7703.jpg 9 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7704.jpg 18 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7705.jpg 12 CambridgeMD_30.08.07_7706.jpg 8

Linkwood, Maryland

Linkwood is a small town between the small towns of Cambridgee and Hurlock, Maryland along the Maryland and Delaware shortline.

Maryland and Delaware's CF7 slowly trundles toward Delaware.

Linkwood_30.08.07_7707.jpg 14 Linkwood_30.08.07_7708.jpg 6 Linkwood_30.08.07_7709.jpg 11 Linkwood_30.08.07_7710.jpg 6 Linkwood_30.08.07_7711.jpg 9 Linkwood_30.08.07_7712.jpg 5 Linkwood_30.08.07_7713.jpg 9 Linkwood_30.08.07_7714.jpg 56 Linkwood_30.08.07_7715.jpg 30 Linkwood_30.08.07_7716.jpg 9 Linkwood_30.08.07_7717.jpg 13 Linkwood_30.08.07_7718.jpg 12 Linkwood_30.08.07_7719.jpg 11

Harrington, Delaware

Harrington is the site of a small Norfolk Southern yard just to the west of Milford, Delaware.

Harrington_30.08.07_7720.jpg 28 Harrington_30.08.07_7721.jpg 22 Harrington_30.08.07_7722.jpg 29 Harrington_30.08.07_7723.jpg 10 Harrington_30.08.07_7724.jpg 11 Harrington_30.08.07_7725.jpg 11 Harrington_30.08.07_7726.jpg 33 Harrington_30.08.07_7727.jpg 34 Harrington_30.08.07_7728.jpg 25 Harrington_30.08.07_7729.jpg 12 Harrington_30.08.07_7730.jpg 9 Harrington_30.08.07_7731.jpg 14 Harrington_30.08.07_7732.jpg 20 Harrington_30.08.07_7733.jpg 60 Harrington_30.08.07_7734.jpg 49

Penns Grove, New Jersey

Penns Grove is just across the water from Wilmington, Delaware.

Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7735.jpg 55 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7736.jpg 26 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7737.jpg 29 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7738.jpg 39 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7739.jpg 26 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7740.jpg 29 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7741.jpg 21 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7742.jpg 22 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7743.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7744.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7745.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7746.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7747.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7748.jpg 5 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7749.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7750.jpg 6 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7751.jpg 5 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7752.jpg 5 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7753.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7754.jpg 9 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7755.jpg 5 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7756.jpg 15 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7757.jpg 23 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7758.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7759.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7760.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7762.jpg 12 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7763.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7764.jpg 7 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7765.jpg 8 Penns_Grove_30.08.07_7766.jpg 7