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Top photos from July 24th, 2005

Gatineau_24.07.05_9389.jpg 198 Ottawa_24.07.05_9422.jpg 192 Ottawa_24.07.05_9421.jpg 102 Gatineau_24.07.05_9390.jpg 85 Gatineau_24.07.05_9391.jpg 37 Ottawa_24.07.05_9423.jpg 32 Ottawa_24.07.05_9419.jpg 32 Gatineau_24.07.05_9409.jpg 29 Gatineau_24.07.05_9392.jpg 27 Ottawa_24.07.05_9424.jpg 24

July 24th, 2005

After the completion of this year's Ottawa Linux Symposium, Laura and I took 2 hours to see what trains we could find. We didn't have enough time to track down either QGRY or the Ottawa Central, but did catch the Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion returning just before 3pm and Ottawa's O-train crossing the Rideau River at Carleton University.

Gatineau, Quebec

(map) Immediately across the border from Ottawa, Gatineau contains the formerly independent city of Hull and houses the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) and Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield (HCW) scenic steam railway.

The Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion's 2-8-0 and European train-set crosses a rural road about 2 miles from its terminal.

Gatineau_24.07.05_9386.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9387.jpg 3 Gatineau_24.07.05_9388.jpg 12 Gatineau_24.07.05_9389.jpg 198 Gatineau_24.07.05_9390.jpg 85 Gatineau_24.07.05_9391.jpg 37 Gatineau_24.07.05_9392.jpg 27 Gatineau_24.07.05_9393.jpg 19 Gatineau_24.07.05_9394.jpg 12 Gatineau_24.07.05_9395.jpg 12 Gatineau_24.07.05_9396.jpg 12 Gatineau_24.07.05_9397.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9398.jpg 10 Gatineau_24.07.05_9399.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9400.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9401.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9402.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9403.jpg 1

The Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion enters its station in Hull (amalgamated with Gatineau) near the QGRY wye.

Gatineau_24.07.05_9404.jpg 3 Gatineau_24.07.05_9405.jpg 3 Gatineau_24.07.05_9406.jpg 3 Gatineau_24.07.05_9407.jpg 16 Gatineau_24.07.05_9408.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9409.jpg 29 Gatineau_24.07.05_9410.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9411.jpg 2 Gatineau_24.07.05_9412.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9413.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9414.jpg Gatineau_24.07.05_9415.jpg 1 Gatineau_24.07.05_9416.jpg 4 Gatineau_24.07.05_9417.jpg 12

Ottawa, Ontario

(map) Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is home to the O-trains, a busy Via station, and the Ottawa Central.

Ottawa's O-train light rail train crosses the Rideau River by Carleton University.

Ottawa_24.07.05_9418.jpg 18 Ottawa_24.07.05_9419.jpg 32 Ottawa_24.07.05_9420.jpg 17 Ottawa_24.07.05_9421.jpg 102 Ottawa_24.07.05_9422.jpg 192 Ottawa_24.07.05_9423.jpg 32 Ottawa_24.07.05_9424.jpg 24